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Interviews with photographers around the world

This website brings together edited interviews with photographers and photo-festival directors from around the world. Undertaken by Alasdair Foster, the majority of these interviews were originally commissioned by PhotoWorld magazine for publication in the Chinese language. This is the first time they have been made available in English.


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Photo Credits

[upper left to right] Thomas Friedrich Schaefer (Germany), Murray McKeich (Australia), Pablo López Luz (Mexico), Margaret Mitchell (UK)

[middle left to right] Richard Woldendorp (Australia), Viktoria Sorochinski (Ukraine), Cecilia Paredes (Peru), Martin Hill & Philippa Jones (New Zealand)

[lower left to right] Andrés Wertheim (Argentina), Virginie Maillard (France), Herman van den Boom (Belgium), Maureen Bisilliat (Brazil)

All images here are details from larger works and all remain copyright © to the photographer/artist.